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Part I

The titles, abstracts and timetable for the presentations can be found below. All times are in BST (UTC+1).

A PDF version of the programme and the abstract booklet is available to download. The handouts for each talk will be uploaded before the start of the conference each day. Video recordings for most of the talks will be available to view, too, after they have finished.

Click on these shortcuts to see what is scheduled on Tuesday 8, Wednesday 9, Thursday 10 and Friday 11.

Tuesday 8 September

12-12.15pm:     Welcome and housekeeping (Theresa Biberauer, Michelle Sheehan and Anders Holmberg) (recording)

Chair: Michelle Sheehan

12.15-12.55pm:     Edith Aldridge (Academia Sinica). Syntactic parameter change in Early Middle Chinese (abstract) (handout) (recording)

1-1.40pm:     Kenyon Branan (National University of Singapore). Regimes of ordering (abstract) (handout) (recording)

1.45-2.25pm:     Elena Titov (UCL). Syntactic parameters: The case of IS-conditioned argument reordering (abstract) (handout) (recording)

2.25-2.45pm:     Coffee break

Chair: Theresa Biberauer

2.45-3.10pm:     SPEED TALK Ivona Kucerova (McMaster) & Adam Szczegielniak (Rutgers). Syntactic variation meets PF uniformity: Underspecification of nominal functional categories (abstract) (handout) (recording)

3.15-3.55pm:     Elena Callegari (Oslo). Focus markers in an optionally WH-in-situ language: the case of Burkinabé Bambara (abstract) (handout) (recording)

Wednesday 9 September

Chair: Theresa Biberauer

12-12.40pm:     Maia Duguine (IKER, CNRS Bayonne). Clausal embedding in Basque: Syntactically disharmonic but harmonically realized (abstract) (handout) (recording)

12.45-1.25pm:     Katalin É. Kiss (Research Institute of Linguistics, Budapest). The varying relation of case and verbal agreement in the Ugric languages (abstract) (handout) (recording)

1.30-1.55pm:     SPEED TALK Astrid van Alem (Leiden). Intervention effects on Complementizer Agreement: revisiting the Agree vs. PF debate (abstract) (handout) (recording)

1.55-2.30pm:     Coffee break

Chair: Michelle Sheehan

2.30-3.10pm:     Brian Gravely (Georgia). Only syntactic movement will do: Morphosyntactic variation in Galician and Icelandic (abstract) (handout) (recording)

3.15-3.55pm:     Kenny Baclawski (UC Berkeley) & Nico Baier (Independent). Morphological evidence for syntactic information structural features (abstract) (handout) (recording)

Thursday 10 September

Chair: Theresa Biberauer

12-1pm:      INVITED SPEAKER Beata Moskal (Frankfurt). How to be inclusive. (handout) (recording)

1.10-1.50pm:     M. Teresa Espinal  (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) & Sonia Cyrino (University of Campinas). A syntactic approach to the variation in the expression of indefiniteness, (anti-)specificity and partitivity in Romance (abstract)

2-2.40pm:      Ellen Brandner (Stuttgart). PF-identity is not syntactic identity (abstract) (handout) (recording)

2.40-3pm:     Coffee break

Chair: Michelle Sheehan

3-3.25pm:      SPEED TALK Mary Robinson (NYU) Multiple loci of variation: A case study of negative concord in English varieties (abstract) (handout)

3.30-4.10pm:     Allen Asiimwe (Makerere), Jenneke van der Wal (Leiden) & Maria Kouneli (Leipzig). Rukiga augments and Greek articles: one analysis? (abstract) (handout) (recording)

4.10-4.50pm:     Daniel Greeson (Michigan State). Revisiting Montalbetti’s Effects: Evidence from Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish and English (pre-recorded talk; speaker will be present for Q&A after the talk) (abstract) (handout) (recording)

5-6pm:     INVITED SPEAKER Klaus Abels (UCL) The absence of Foc in the clausal spine (abstract) (slides) (lecture notes) (recording)

Friday 11 September

Chair: Michelle Sheehan

12-12.40pm:     Marta Ruda (Jagiellonian University in Kraków). Analyses of null arguments meet a bare NP, consistent NS, partial NO language (abstract) (handout)

12.45-1.25pm:     Silvia Terenghi (Utrecht). Structural differences in the syntax of person indexicals (abstract) (handout) (recording)

1.30-1.55pm:     SPEED TALK Andreas Blümel (Göttingen). A Uniform NP-Approach to (Poly-) Definiteness and Nominal Concord (abstract) (handout) (recording)

1.55-2.15pm:     Coffee break

Chair: Theresa Biberauer

2.15-2.55pm:     Madeline Bossi (UC Berkeley), Emily Drummond (UC Berkeley) and Zachary O’Hagan  (UC Berkeley). Two case studies in morphological person restrictions (pre-recorded talk and speakers will not be present in live session) (abstract) (handout) (recording)

3-3.40pm:     Zahra Mirrazi (UMass Amherst). Micro-Variation in Aspect Splits in Nominative-Accusative system (abstract) (handout) (recording)