CamCoS 9 New

Where is the variation: syntax or PF?

In honour of Anders Holmberg

Part II of CamCoS 9 took place on 19-20 January 2021, co-organised by the University of Cambridge, Anglia Ruskin University and Newcastle University

The 9th Cambridge Comparative Syntax conference (CamCoS 9 New) was due to take place in Newcastle (UK) in honour of Anders Holmberg’s retirement. Given the ongoing health situation, Part I of this year’s conference took place virtually from the 8th September until the 11th September 2020. Part II of CamCoS 9 happened online on the 19th and 20th of January 2021.

CamCoS (Cambridge Comparative Syntax) 9 New is a two-part celebration in honour of Prof. Anders Holmberg on the occasion of his retirement. Its main focus is the issue of the locus of variation (see full call here). The first event followed the regular conference format, with both peer-reviewed and invited-speaker presentations focusing on the conference theme and also on comparative syntax more generally. On the other hand, the second event featured talks by former colleagues and students of Anders Holmberg and the invited speaker, Professor Halldór Ármann Sigurðsson.

Invited speakers

Part I

Dr Klaus Abels, University College London

Dr Beata Moskal, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

Part II

Professor Halldór Ármann Sigurðsson, Lund University

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